Enamelled façades and cladding – durable, practical and highly attractive

A vitreous enamel façade is the first-class choice for any building. Not only is it durable, low-maintenance and recyclable, but it looks impressive as well. Vitreous enamel façades are non-flammable, extremely scratch-resistant, easy to clean and offer a high level of protection against graffiti. An enamelled curtain wall façade from omeras lasts 30 years or more and still looks just as beautiful as it did on the day it was installed, even decades later.

Economical, attractive and sustainable

Vitreous enamel façades also score highly in terms of sustainability, both environmentally and economically. Enamelled curtain wall façades may cost a bit more in terms of the initial investment, but after around 10 years they prove themselves significantly more cost-effective than alternative façade cladding types – both financially, thanks to the low maintenance requirements, as well as visually and aesthetically.

Vitreous enamel façades: As hard as glass and as malleable as steel

Enamelled façades combine the best of both worlds. They are as hard as glass and yet as malleable as metal. Before the extremely resilient and durable glass surface is fused to the metal, the underlying steel can be freely moulded and shaped. The attractive vitreous enamel façade elements therefore open up a wide range of possible applications in design and architecture.

Rear-ventilated curtain wall façade elements from omeras are made of high-quality steel and finished with vitreous enamel. Whether in underground stations, road tunnels, subways and airports, on building façades or in numerous other applications in architecture and industry, enamelled façade panels in construction and modernisation projects impress architects, developers and users with their durability and versatile, attractive design options.

Over 180 years of experience in enamelling

Enamelling has been a traditional practice in Lauter in the Ore Mountains for over 180 years. For almost 30 years, we have been developing and manufacturing enamelled panels for curtain wall and rear-ventilated façades, which have been supplied to 46 countries to date. With our experience and expertise, we are carrying tradition into the future.

High-calibre projects around the globe

Hundreds of construction projects all over the world bear witness to the success of this versatile façade material. Underground stations in the UK, Singapore, Spain, Dubai, Italy and Germany, railway stations in the USA, the Netherlands and China, modern buildings in London, Munich and Dubai – they all feature vitreous enamel elements from omeras. Whether you’re looking for curtain wall façades, wall or ceiling cladding, façade panels, vitreous enamel signs, decorative work or other enamelling: with omeras, you’re making the right choice. See for yourself the benefits of vitreous enamel, a material that has been tried and tested for thousands of years, interpreted in a contemporary way using the latest technologies and designs.

All services relating to enamelled façades and fixtures from a single trusted source

If you order a vitreous enamel façade from omeras, we can take care of all the planning, production and processing, including the coordination of all suppliers and subcontractors. We provide you with a professional all-in-one solution, from the façade to the walls and ceilings, all from our own production facility. This includes the integration of any desired fixtures, such as lamps, doors, windows or stainless steel handrails.

omeras – your general contractor for façade construction

omeras GmbH is your reliable, expert general contractor for enamelled façade cladding:

  • Planning including measurement and drafting
  • Production of substructures and panels
  • Complete installation

omeras – your partner for attractive and durable vitreous enamel facades


Heat-resistant and non-flammable

Enamel does not increase the building’s fire load. Architecture, signs and boards made of enamel and steel are non-flammable and resistant to temperatures between -60°C and +450°C.

Enamelled panels are made of purely inorganic materials and therefore remain intact, even in the event of a fire. No toxic vapours are emitted in direct contact with fire.

Hygienic and physiologically safe

Thanks to the glass-smooth enamel surface, there is no breeding ground for bacteria and other organisms. The enamelled surfaces do not release any harmful substances such as solvents or toxic heavy metals.

Versatile design options and a varied look

Architects, engineers and designers love enamel because of its phenomenal scope for design. This versatile material is highly pliable and resilient. Round or angular shapes, curved or structured – there are almost no limits to the variety of ways it can be used.

Since steel is used as the base material, the shape is mouldable, ductile and permanently stable. Much of what is possible in metal is also possible in vitreous enamel. By fusing the high-quality colour pigments into glass at over 800°C, the colours remain bright and brilliant for decades without fading. This is because enamelling creates an inseparable bond between glass and metal, which lasts a lifetime.

Vitreous enamel elements can also be printed in many different designs or patterns. The fusing process ensures that the design retains its high visual quality for decades. It is also possible to create ceramic surfaces or stone imitations.

Resistant to UV, climate, colour and corrosion

Enamel coatings offer long-lasting corrosion protection. There is no formation of rust or contact corrosion. Even intense sunlight cannot change the colour of enamelled surfaces. Vitreous enamel is also especially resistant to acids and highly resistant to aggressive substances, including salt-laden air.

Dirt-repellent, easy to clean, abrasion-resistant and graffiti-proof

As there is no static charge, no dust fall or brake dust is attracted. Adhesives and other chemical substances such as graffiti residues can be easily removed from the smooth-as-glass vitreous enamel surfaces.

Environmentally friendly and recyclable

The vitreous enamel-metal composite is manufactured using environmentally optimised processes. When it comes to raw materials, we ensure environmentally friendly procurement. The finished products consist of naturally harmless materials. Unlike other high-tech materials, vitreous enamel is not harmful to people or the environment. Vitreous enamel products are recyclable and can be returned to the material cycle at the end of the product life cycle.