Enamelled panels for road tunnels have clear advantages over other materials. They protect the tunnel wall behind them and are easy to clean, extremely durable and resilient. Their bright and friendly appearance is also attractive to drivers. Vitreous enamel panels in road tunnels are also more energy-efficient, as less lighting is required.

Thanks to their durability, vitreous enamel panels for road tunnels are extremely low-maintenance. This means that there are hardly any downtimes or closures due to maintenance work – an unbeatable advantage of enamelled tunnel cladding. Cleaning can be carried out using special cleaning vehicles with rotating brushes without having to close the tunnel.

Vitreous enamel panels for road tunnels are also:

  • graffiti-proof
  • heat-resistant
  • non-flammable
  • durable
  • customisable in all shapes and colours
  • shock- and impact-resistant


Global portfolio

Enamelled tunnel cladding from omeras is used in road tunnels all over the world. Our portfolio gives you an idea of the variety of design options.