We are incredibly proud of our history which spans almost 200 years.

The beginning: a forge is established in Lauter as early as 1838 to produce household goods made from metal.
The basis of the business: coating metal products with glass. Enamelling is introduced as a high-quality coating.
A significant development: Under Gottlieb and Gustav Gnüchtel, the plant in Lauter is converted into a public limited company.
The turmoil of war: Gebrüder Gnüchtel AG becomes Sächsische Emaillier- und Stanzwerke (“Saxony Enamelling and Stamping Plant”). After the Second World War, VEB MEWA Schwerter-Emaillierwerke picks up production. The product range includes enamelled tableware, double sinks and steel helmets.
The turning point: political conditions force the formation of omeras GmbH (Oberflächenveredelung und Metallverarbeitung Raschau: “Surface finishing and metal processing Raschau”) at a former branch site of the Schwerter plant. Two years later, the company once again takes over the main plant at the headquarters in Lauter. This has been the company’s headquarters ever since.
The fateful year: the beginning of flat enamelling for façade cladding and, at the same time, a serious fire. The team is balanced on a knife edge, both financially and structurally.
Towards the future: construction of the world’s most advanced enamelling line at that time. Further targeted expansion of technical resources for enamelled façade elements.
Diversification: expansion of the product segment to include enamelled tower silo systems. Founding of omerastore GmbH as a brand for large segmented storage tanks.
Record-breakers: the team enamels and delivers 215,000 m² of visible surfaces in one year and further develops and renovates the enamelling production line. Ranked second in the export of sea containers from Saxony.
The transformation: Munich Central Station and the Brisbane Tunnel are the first two major "design and build" projects to be realised from planning and production through to installation. Modernisation of the graphics and printing area. The production of household goods is discontinued in Lauter, now only taking place at a subsidiary near Münster. The old buildings on the main road are demolished and the company's outdoor facilities are modernised.
Full range: driven by market developments, omeras offers façade construction projects almost exclusively as a general service from planning through to installation, and expands the range of alternative materials from its own production facilities. From steel to stainless steel. Aluminium and glass are also used alongside custom solutions (e.g. textiles, wood or non-ferrous metals).
The end of an era: the last tableware production facilities are dismantled. The tableware factory in Drensteinfurt is handed over to other investors. The story of Schwerter household goods comes to an end. The positive development of the new business segments leads to the modernisation of the complete sheet-metal production and various other production areas.
The next investment package: in addition to automation, metal profiles can now also be processed in three dimensions. omerastec GmbH becomes the brand for the expansion of services in the area of contract manufacturing.