DIN ISO 9001:2000 Certificate

Panelling made of enamel is manufactured in accordance with selected standards and rules:

Base materials: Standard
Steel EN 10209, EN 10130
Enamels company standard of the manufacturers
Enamelling EN 14431
Tests: Standard
Impact resistance and thougness EN ISO 4532
Salt spray test EN ISO 9227
Resistance to citric acid at room temperature

DIN ISO 2722

EN 14483-1 part 9

Measurement of coating thickness EN ISO 2178
Colour determination EN ISO 7724
Determination of the degree of lustre

EN ISO 2813

DIN 67530

Extra-low voltage test (9V) EN ISO 8289
Extra-high voltage test (1kV) EN ISO 2746
Hardness of MOHS EN 101
Adhesion of enamel EN 10209
Scratch resistance  EN ISO 15695
Thermal shock resistance EN ISO 2747
Non-combustible test (A1)

DIN 4102 Part 1

BS 476 Part 4

Fire propagation


BS 476 Part 6

Fire resistance

BS 476 Part 7

In specific cases national standards are taken into account with reference to the project.